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Distance Energy Healings

Distance Energy Healings
Initial $130AUD
Subsequent $95AUD
Children (under 16 yrs) $85AUD

Distance Energy Healings are a journey to connect your waking life with your soul. Guided by Brigid, she will distantly connect with your soul and energetic field to identify any blockages or deficiency whilst receiving information from your soul through spirit.

At times we become bombarded by life stresses and it can block our ability to see, hear and listen to what our intuitive self is sharing. These healings allow those messages to come through by clearing out old thoughts, beliefs or experiences which no longer serve us and are ready to be addressed and released. This opens to doors to truly moving forward towards the soul’s purpose.

The information that transports through can consist of imprinted memories, deep seated beliefs, blockages or emotions translating from earlier in life or past lives which are carried in our unconscious mind and repressed due to trauma or pain. Often these don’t serve us anymore and the healings can help in bringing them to a client’s awareness for release and healing.

Every reading is unique and specific to the person. Commonly a layered approach occurs with the healings where the soul reveals what it is ready to let go of, opening your energetic field and paving the way for increased awareness and release. Subsequent sessions further release layers within the unconscious and subconscious mind to achieve a greater level of healing.

Brigid cannot predict what a person’s soul will be ready to release; for some it is past trauma and deep pain, for others it is emotions which impact self-worth which need to be brought to light in order to let go and step into your greater purpose. You will never be alone in this process; it is Brigid’s duty of care to ensure you feel supported and guided from beginning to end and beyond.

Full support is offered including ALL details surrounding the healing and any questions you may have regarding the reading in the days following so you can gain clarity in moving forward.


- Initial Healing runs for 45-60mins
- Subsequent Healings run for 30-45mins
- Voice recording including ALL details surrounding the healing and what was felt, seen or messages indicated
- Email Support to help with clarifying the healing findings, answer any questions and supporting the client in any way possible. This is unlimited in the days following so you can gain clarity in moving forward.


Energy/Chakra Balance
Initial and Subsequent $90AUD

This form of healing is a subtle, supportive and nurturing embrace of the energetic and chakra system.

It is designed to boost the chakra system to into its full and abundant capacity, providing each client with an awakening of each of the 7 chakra points as well as an entire energetic alignment.

This is ideal for those who have had a Soul Awakening and need to support their system during the healing process; or for those who simply need an energetic cleanse to ward off any negative vibrations they have encountered.


- People who are already on a self development or spiritual journey
- Those passionate about growth, personal and spiritual development
- Anyone seeking clarity or guidance on their soul purpose
- Those dedicated to deep healing from within

- If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition of physical or psychological nature I will need to speak with you prior in order to assess whether this would be an option for you
- Anyone NOT seeking inner spiritual or personal growth
- Those not willing to potentially face past pain or emotional traumas (should they arise) in order to heal
- Anyone searching for a quick fix healing, this takes some acknowledgement and directed work to heal what comes through in the healings.



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