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C R E A T E your health L O V E your life H E A L your soul

Create Love Heal is about learning, living and empowering yourself in your spiritual journey towards self discovery.


Intuitive & Holistic Life Coaching

Intuitive & Holistic Life Coaching

Individual session $140AUD

For those who feel they need extra guidance and support, Intuitive Coaching is available via packages however will be organized based on clients needs.

Intuitive Coaching is a combination of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching techniques and intuitive guidance derived from your Soul Awakening Healings (Distance Energy Healings).
Brigid connects with your soul to delve into beliefs, past events or memories which may be holding you in a place of stagnation. Awareness of these areas, which are often subdued, help you to move forward on your spiritual and personal journey, know yourself on a deeper level, learn to trust and utilize your intuition so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Brigid is able to implement her knowledge and experience as a CHEK qualified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, an Osteopath along with her own healing journey to help support you on your path to finding your inner connection and purpose.

Coaching will be intuitively guided based on your soul directed lead during the healings conducted. This is coupled with proven strategies and tasks to guide you in gently but progressively healing the deeper roadblocks in your life whilst increasing your intuitive knowing.


- 1hr Skype or phone consult (recommended following a Distance Energy Healing/Soul Awakening) to discuss the direction going forward
- Task assignment emailed to you post skype/phone call
- Guidance specific to your healings to help you release, resolve, heal and begin the process of healing within the capacity that you are ready and willing*


- People who are already on a self-development or spiritual journey and are seeking guidance in a one-on-one format to help them take the steps towards their personal growth
- Those passionate and committed to increasing their self-awareness and growth, personal and spiritual development
- People who are prepared to implement strategies to clarify and own their soul purpose
- Those dedicated to deep healing from within


- If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition of physical or psychological nature I will need to speak with you prior in order to assess whether this would be an option for you
- Anyone NOT seeking inner spiritual or personal growth
- Those not willing to potentially face past pain or emotional traumas (should they arise) in order to heal
- Anyone searching for a quick fix healing, this takes acknowledgement and directed work to heal what comes through in the healings and address what is required through the coaching.

*This is not a replacement for professional health advice or assistance. All clients will undertake a questionnaire to qualify them for coaching to ensure they are not requiring more intensive medical, psychological or health related care. Brigid does not claim to be a medical or psychological professional and thereby will refer to appropriate professionals should she feel the need, with the client’s best interests at heart.

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