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C R E A T E your health L O V E your life H E A L your soul

Create Love Heal is about learning, living and empowering yourself in your spiritual journey towards self discovery.



Welcome to Create Love Heal.

I am Brigid, founder of Create Love Heal.
I am a mother to three beautiful babes, an Osteopath, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Intuitive Healer.
I hold a passion for Green Beauty and empowering women around the world to find their truest self and feel confident in expressing that.

I am your standard run of the mill girl, who loves to exercise, write, cook and spend time with the family.
However, I am one who has always struggled with self confidence and my place in the world. I never quite felt good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or worthy of friends, family and partners.
I committed to improving my own space 5 years ago where I discovered the power of following your heart, writing, meditation, speaking your truth and healing relationships with self and others to free myself from the burden of judgement, criticism and fear of rejection. I completed my studies as a Holistic and Lifestyle Coach, deepened my understanding of meditation and discovered my ability to Intuitively Heal others souls.

The transformation has been incredible and one I feel I must share with the world to help others achieve the same personal freedom, acceptance and embrace the spiritual journey to self discovery.

I look forward to sharing this space with you!

Much love
Brig xx

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