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The Well Store - Consciously Giving Back

We are beyond blessed in Australia with so many stunning online natural beauty boutiques. The Well Store being one which goes above and beyond in their product availability, admirable ethos and open support for the community through charitable campaigns and consciously giving back.

The Well Store is run by Mariana, a beautiful and wise woman with a fierce passion for sustainable, organic and eco-friendly natural skin and beauty products. Mariana’s desire to source and ultimately provide for the community developed 10years ago when terminal illness affected her family. It has been a journey of endless searching and deep commitment to the cause; one which she has succeeded in many times over.

The variety and quality of brands made available to the conscious consumer is incredible with a vast array of skincare, body care, beauty and wellness products. All products are sourced within Australia and suffice to a strict criteria ensuring all products are sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, organic, non toxic and most definitely cruelty free. These criterion are 100% non-negotiable for Mariana, reassuring consumers of the quality and natural capabilities of each and every product stocked.

What I love about Mariana’s mission is her commitment to fulfilling a greater impact within the world, annually supporting a primary charity and holding campaigns designed to support such charities via a percentage of proceeds being donated on behalf of all buyers. This demonstrates not only authenticity, but a deep level of identification as a strong pillar of our green beauty community; representing the masses in a way that sometimes we aren’t sure how.

The charity of choice for 2018 is Friends with Dignity; a non-profitable national charity supporting and providing resources for Families in Domestic Violence, helping them to rebuild their lives safely and with dignity.

In honour of this charity, The Well Store has created a beautifully curated Deluxe or Mini Limited Edition Mother’s Giving to Mother’s Bag in time for Mother’s Day. All sales from these bags (which are fabulous by the way) will donate 10% of proceeds to Friends with Dignity.

The Deluxe Bag (as seen above) contains a huge selection of amazing products and brands (all full sized) which I highly recommend from personal use. The range selected for this option is immense, offering exposure to skincare, body care and wellness, a rarity in many gift boxes. This goodie bag is valued at over $180, but is available to you for $89.95.

The Mini Bag (equally as fabulous) contains full sized and sample items allowing those on a budget to experience the beauty of natural products and give back to the community through their contribution to Friends with Dignity. Retailing for $54.95, with a value over $100.

Both serve as gorgeous gifts this Mother's Day, with the added knowledge of knowing you are contributing in a way beyond measure through the donation to Friend with Dignity.

As an added bonus The Well Store also includes a code for 10% discount on all repurchased full sized items from the Mother’s Giving To Mother’s Goodie bag!!!

Both Mother's Giving to Mother's Goodie Bag contains a range of eco-friendly, sustainable, natural and organic beauty products working perfectly as an introduction to the green beauty world or as a refill for those already converted and committed to natural skincare. Click HERE to view these remarkable bags and support Friends with Dignity which relies entirely on the support and donations of the community.

You can also donate directly to Friend with Dignity by emailing


The Well Store firmly stands in its power, supporting both large and small Australian natural beauty brands, submitting graceful support and exposure to all brands, permitting the wider community to experience brands which often go unseen or unheard. I am a massive supporter of small, local businesses and the range available at The Well Store makes my heart sing.

Some of the conscious beauty brands available include 808 Dude, Akhal, Amazing Oils, Ancient Minerals, Badger, Bare & Co, Caim and Able, Charcoal Me, Dr Bronner, Dr Tung, EcoTan, EcoKid, Flora Remedia, Formulary55, Hemp Foods Australia, Keeko, Kosmea, La Mav,Lily Lolo, Matcha Maiden, Madara, Niugini, Organic Essence, Riddells Creek, Schmidts, Skin Juice, Vanessa Megan, Weleda, Woohoo, Zuii Organics and sooo many more!!!!

The products range from teas, physical health products, beeswax wraps, sustainable tea flasks and coffee cups, lunchboxes, home cleaning products, bottle brushes, tote bags and organic muslin produce bags, stainless steel drinking straws, internal tonics, reusable food pouches for babies, banana flour and gut health blend, all in conjunction with makeup, sun care, children and baby products, haircare, body and skincare for both men and women!

*Free Shipping within Australia and $10 to NZ/US/UK/CA along with free shipping on all orders over $50 (NZ/UK/US/CA).

The Well Store has you covered for living in an entirely conscious way; supporting the planet, small businesses and giving back to the community! I am so honoured to call this company Australian and be firmly associated with such quality green beauty representation.

For more information on The Well Store and their incredibly generous Mother’s Giving to Mother’s Goodie Bags please click HERE.

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