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Meet the Founder: Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box - Jessica Kiely

Our Story is Our Journey - Jessica Kiely from Wanderess Beauty Discovery Beauty Box.

When we meet with our soul, it's not always what we expect. It can be brutal and uninhibited....but always honest and driven by love.

Meet Jessica Kiely, founder of the Wanderess Beauty Box, a must have beauty discovery box which ignites the desire for "radical self care" and deep self love whilst nurturing your body and the planet.
Jessica has been gracious and vulnerable in her reveal of her story and the perils of such darkness that lead to the light of her life.

Read below her version of life and show dignity in respecting such a strong woman through her journey.....

I find this a hard piece to start writing. I have been putting it off.

I know why.

It’s because it is asking me to go back. To dig into that place of darkness, that still dwells within. That place where I lived for a while…..waiting…..just surviving.

When I go back there it is hard to believe that I survived. And that now, I feel like I am finally putting meat back onto the bones. And even celebrating as I uncover the gold which always comes as I put the pieces back together. Consciously. And with damn, hard and dirty work.

I write this now knowing that in the sharing of story, we all learn and heal.

// Step into my world \\

About 5 years ago I found myself in the depths of what I call mental madness. A space where the spiral of negativity in my internal world was relentless. Where crippling self-doubt, blame, shame, anger and deep deep fear lived out every day. There was no mental peace. My head would literally hurt from thinking over and over again.

I had always been a positive and happy person. However, this had been chipped away without me realizing it. And I found myself clinging desperately to the hope that the thing that was hurting me the most would stick around because the fear of “what else” or failure was too painful, a failure amounting to death really.

And then the death happened. I heard the words “I’m out” and the next day my then-husband moved out and my marriage ended. We had a 9 month old baby girl and 4 year old girl.

The next 6 months were a blur. I was living in an alternate universe. The mental madness doubled its efforts inside my head. I still got up and was mum, every day – otherwise I don’t think I would have got out of bed. But…..within my mind I blamed myself for the failure, I played conversations over and over in my mind trying to find answers, I sobbed in the shower hoping my kids couldn't hear, and shared with virtually no-one what was going on for me and put on a “happy” face.

Slowly I got myself to a counsellor as I tried to make sense of it all. This helped, slightly. Reading a few self-help books helped, slowly.

But, after 12 months of this darkness, a wave of determination came over me…….in the shower of all places! The inner voices had become too loud, too confusing, too hurtful….too much. I was exhausted. I had nothing left. I was broken. And I remember, as the water fell over me thinking, and I was on my knees…….I just want this constant inner chatter to end. I want some PEACE.

It was in this moment that I said “ENOUGH”.

I realised that I never wanted to go through this again. I wanted answers as to how did I get here. I wanted to learn the lesson that was being presented to me……..and the ONLY person I could look to for those answers was MYSELF.

And that scared the shit out of me.

Taking full responsibility for where I was, how I got there, and getting myself back out again PISSED ME OFF.

I was the one who got left with 2 baby kids to look after, surely that meant I had the right to blame everyone else, and look for answers outside of me, and keep being the victim….right? Right?

Turns out, life doesn't work that way. Love doesn't work that way. And that still pisses me off… well as makes me laugh.

This determination didn’t make the mental madness disappear overnight. But it did help to shift something inside me that was able to stay with me, a shift that lifted a little darkness and helped me to see the next ONE best step to take.

One of my therapists had suggested the book The Brain That Changes Itself. I read it and I learnt of the idea of neuroplasticity. This was a gift. Because it said to me………it’s totally possible, scientifically, to change your brain. This lead me on a personal journey of learning more.

Then, the book Think & Grow Rich sealed it for me, and paved the way for the biggest deep dive into self.

You see, I came to realise that instead of “if you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always get what you always got” should actually be “if you always THINK, what you have always thought then you will always get what you always got”………and “if you always BELIEVE what you have always believed, then you will always get what you have always got!” and I wanted a big difference….so I needed to learn how to think and believe different!

This deep dive into myself, that started 5 years ago has been the HARDEST and DIRTIEST work of my life. And it is nowhere near “finished”. It never will be. It is an ever evolving and unravelling journey….back and forth…..where in amongst the broken me, I found ME. The real me. The BIG me. The universal ME.

And it is from this journey that Wanderess Beauty, my start-up business, was also born.

From my five years of this deep dive so far, there have been a few pivotal mind, body and soul strategies that have helped me to come out from the dark side…..each time I find myself there, and I do still find myself there.

I share them with a caveat or disclaimer of sorts. This is my flavour, my recipe, my combinations that help me. Your recipe needs to be yours. Find what works for you, and don't stop until you do. Take pinches from many different people, experiences and places. Never think that you have to do “your” flavour exactly the same as someone else.

My Game Changers (that I still use DAILY!)

Awareness: I became (and still am) curious about what I was thinking, but in a compassionate way. I took out the judgement, and just got curious

Conscious Rewire: I read and learnt all about our brain and neuroplasticity (yep, I am a little nerdy!). And as I became aware of my thoughts, patterns and habits, I decided to consciously re-wire them so that they served me, were healthy and were accurate reflections of reality. This re-wiring is life-long work, as we reprogram everything from childhood to past generations that live in our cells.

Desert of Affirmation: I enforced a “no affirmation” stance from myself and those close to me. I had to wean myself off the constant need for affirmation and agreement, especially from those outside of me. This was vital in me finding my own rock, my own solid foundation based on a truly felt and unshakable belief in myself, and not from any need to be affirmed from things external to me.

No news: I stopped watching and reading the news and trashy, mindless TV. I wanted to consciously curate my environment, and especially control my mind's-diet of information.

Follow the Breadcrumbs: Instead of having to have the “plan” all laid out from A to B (which is how I operated before), I have learnt to just follow the breadcrumbs. What is the next, best step? And just focus on that. What is the next clue or instinct leading me to, and just focus on that. Woe, this has been hard to stay true to, but I am getting better.

Daily Meditation: Every morning I get up before the kids (they are 8 and 5 now, so that is a little easier than before) and I meditate. I use everything from YouTube to InsightTimer according to what I feel I need in that moment. Finding the quiet, the time to set intentions and go deep, deep within, has been life changing.

Yoga…..real yoga! I found myself at a yoga class in Bondi, that was like none I had done before. The teacher, Aimee Pedersen, turned the class into a sermon, a spiritual sermon every week. She helped me to see the real yoga that is not just poses and pretty yoga gear! It is an ancient practice that connects you deeply with yourself, and the ALLNESS. I am no yogini, believe me, but I seek out the yoga teachers that actually take you to “church” during class so that my practice (as squeaky and clunky as it is!) can take me further.

Wild Pursuits into the Divine: I read very widely from Ecopsychology, to Skin health, from Brene Brown to Russell Brand, from Goddesses and Archetypes to ingredient certification and blockchain technology. I like to push my thinking and beliefs further. And just keep putting my hand up for the “out-of-the-box” healing modality experiences that come up. These have all pushed me further and further, often times back into the darkness, quite deliberately to explore and dig further. From sound healing, to ReWilding, it has all helped to bring me into (re)connection with the Divine - and it is from this place that Wanderess Beauty was born.

Radical Self Care: I had to get radical with my self care! The idea and feeling of “beauty” did not exist in my world 5 years ago. On my journey a friend shared with me one of her beauty routines: body scrubbing. She used this not just as a way to clean her skin but also as a way of mentally taking layers off that didn’t serve her anymore, scrubbing away the toxic thinking of the day and giving herself love and care and time, with the best natural and organic ingredients. For the first time I saw the “beauty” in “beauty”. Beauty as an act of self love. Beauty as an attitude. Beauty as an evolving and changing idea of ourselves. Beauty as a way of seeing the world and life. Beauty that was deeply connected to nature, where the true idea of beauty comes from. And seeing myself in that nature, as beautiful. Beauty not just as a product, look or brand. A deep beauty. A real beauty. A natural beauty. The beauty of being me. Layers and layers of beauty. Incorporating green and WILD BEAUTY into my life, as a daily ritual has been transformational.

Get back up again, and again, and again and again, and get back in the ring. Geeeezzz this one…...hurts…….literally! It feels easier and more comfortable to just run, to leave, to step away, to look away, to move on, to forget, to gloss over or to stay down, than to get back up again and get back into the ring. But from my experience that usually means the same thing is going to happen. Geeeez it's annoying how life works like that hey?! Standing back up again, facing the dark, facing myself, being really truthful with myself and then dusting the dirt, sweat and tears off to get back in the ring again has taken everything I've got, and given me everything I've got.

There is ALWAYS gold to be found in the hardest, dirtiest and toughest of life’s “work”. But to find that gold you HAVE to lift your head from the dirt, and face the dark.

..."After days of running and rumbling with her mind, relief came when she realized she had to go through it. The pain. The discomfort. The confusion. As gold lay beneath it all. And so, she stood up and faced it"…
WanderessWisdom from Wanderess Beauty written by me, Jessica Kiely!

On this journey, a vision soon started to grow in my mind and dreams of not just green beauty, but wild beauty that was holistic and 3 dimensional. A big, scary and exciting vision of taking wild beauty mainstream. A vision of helping more people to make the shift to green beauty, inside and out. A vision of re-defining beauty incorporating ancient wisdom and modern knowledge. A vision of using the medium of video and storytelling to inspire and empower people on their journey. A vision of finding innovative ways to best serve the lovers and seekers of wild beauty. A vision of bringing better beauty to the world that is good for people and planet. A vision of talking about beauty that is personal and unique. A vision I just had to say “yes” to.

Thus the idea of Wanderess Beauty was born. And that is how I have come to share this story with you today!

Wanderess Beauty exists to rid your beauty cabinet and your body of toxins that are ruining your skin and the planet. The Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box is a step-by-step subscription journey that makes your switch to green beauty enjoyable and convenient. We have developed a system that steps you through creating your dream beauty cabinet.

Every month a box containing 100% natural, non-toxic and ethical, beauty, grooming and wellness products is delivered to your door.

Each month we focus on a different beauty routine. Taking you on a journey of discovery, introducing a range of products for you to test, step by step, one beauty routine at a time. You can find us at

Thank you to Jessica for such a courageously open piece of her life to share with us and to introduce the behind the scene for a founder of such a successful brand. We all hold a story close to our hearts, thank you Jessica for entrusting us with your beautiful life thus far.

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