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Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box

“We like it Wild.Natural.Ethical.With Love”

If you are partial to a bit of natural beauty subscription box love then you cannot go past the beautiful Jess and Kendra’s incredible concept – the Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box.

A concept which encompasses a comparative “Test, Choose, Switch, Repeat” approach to natural beauty and making the shift not only in your own beauty cabinet, but in the world.

It can be quite overwhelming to say the least, when converting all your toxic laden products to more natural choices – it may seem simple until you realize it’s not just your nightly moisturizer and mascara but also your deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairspray, eyebrow pencils, lip liners and all of the occasional use items we often forget about. The Wanderess Beauty Box has sorted this out for all of us and it is brilliant!

1. First you join the movement by subscribing to the Wanderess Beauty – you are not locked in and can cancel at any time (trust me you won’t want to).

2. Each month this little box of amazingness take you on a journey of discovery where you receive a range of 6 travel (and sometimes full) sized products plus a deluxe monthly gift from 3 different local and/or international non-toxic, ethical beauty brands to firstly test and compare which takes your fancy, works best for your skin type or just vibes with you in general.

3. You then have the amazingly easy opportunity to choose that product which worked well for you and can purchase the full sized option through the Wanderess Beauty Box website, often with discount codes; simply and easily switching out your old and replacing with the new beautiful shiny clean brands.

4. Repeat again next month!

Each box involves 2 or 3 of the same product, for comparative purposes, from a variety of brands to enable a full experience of the non-toxic world and see where you sit within it.
You can test run this gorgeous curation of products by purchasing a once off box, with access to any of the past or current boxes. You can also purchase as a gift for others which is such a thoughtful gesture.

What is genius about the Wanderess Beauty Box is its focus on a specific routine at a time, which means you avoid little dribs and drabs of testers here and there, never fully knowing whether the product worked or not. For example one box might be Lips and Pits – lip balms and deodorants! You explore the different brands and see which works best for you placing you in a more confident position to choose a brand which truly works for your specific needs. Another examples is the Shampoo and Conditioner box or the Mascara and Bronzer box – both allow you to complete a full routine of washing your hair multiple times with one brand or experience a certain make up product for a realistic length of time allowing you to experience a comprehensive reflection of the brand and it’s compatibility with your body.

Jess and Kendra very carefully choose brands which are high performing, match a very specific criteria including no green washing products, all ethical and cruelty free, non-toxic and natural! This not only impacts your own skin and health, but holds a greater impact on the planet through supporting brands which care for the earth. Your contribution doesn’t stop there; the Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box donates a portion of sales from each box purchased to the Save the Bees Foundation – a very vital cause for our existence and the health of the planet!

Added bonuses for such a truly incredible company include Domestic and International shipping AND you can test any of the boxes that have been released to see if it is something you wish to pursue through subscription! There is also access to The INSIDER, a monthly guide to using the products provided in each box, tips, techniques, videos and information on the included brands and products!

I have received 3 months of this subscription box and I have to say it is one of the stand outs…..I am often left a little underwhelmed with beauty boxes but this has opened my eyes and made me stand up because it is a phenomenal idea, a brilliantly supportive way of assisting consumers who wish to explore the natural beauty world and it is run by ethical, conscious, outstanding women who are committed to making change on this planet! There is nothing grander than that!

To help you get started The Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box are offering all readers a 20% discount using the codeword CREATELOVEHEAL on your first purchase valid until 31st March 2018.
For those who subscribe 20% will apply for the first month only.

You will not be disappointed with this box, it is truly amazing!

Lips and Pits Beauty Box

Bronzer and Mascara Box

Oils and Serums Beauty Box

Shampoo and Conditioner Beauty Box

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