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Amalie Beauty - FARM TO FACE

Amalie Beauty Farm To Face range is simply beautiful.

Amalie Beauty is founded by Megan and Miguel, two friends on a mission to produce skin and lash care to prove science and nature can work together to benefit our health while performing to a high standard.
Their products are vegan, cruelty free, chemical free and focused on results through the use of natural ingredients.
What I love about Megan and Miguel is their truth and relatability. They are simply real people making an impact by providing men and women around the world with a selection of products to nurture their health and take the stress away from skincare concerns, whilst supporting women in their battle against Breast Cancer with their Warrior Stories.

Now, granted, we do need to do our research when it comes to supporting big charitable organizations, but what I absolutely adore about Amalie Beauty is their support in empowering these women on their journey. They showcase these Warrior's stories and in doing so, give strength to the woman and her family behind the story but also to other women around the world. It promotes hope, patience, strength and pride in the warrior journey to health. I can't help but feel the love surrounding this intention and applaud Megan and Miguel in their efforts to spread a beautiful message.

Now...onto the skincare!
For the past month or so I have been investing time into caring for my skin with the REWIND and CALM facial oils from the Farm To Face range....and I have to say the ingredients and effects are pretty special!

REWIND Facial Oil

Rewind is Amalie Beauty's Anti Aging facial oil. Brimming with some pretty special ingredients, it holds a base of Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Squalane (derived from olive oil) and Organic Pomegranate Oil.
This combination nurtures the moisture balance and hydration of the skin whilst soothing the skin, reducing inflammation and preventing premature aging. Added benefits are the naturally rich iodine levels found in jojoba oil which aids in reducing harmful bacteria growth ultimately supporting acne free skin. Jojoba oil also boosts wound healing, preventing scar tissue formation and stimulates collagen synthesis.

In addition to these stunning oils Amalie have an organic farm in Indiana where they growth their own organic flowers and herbs for the extracts utilised in their beautiful oils.
The REWIND blend holds Organic Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Organic Lavender Flower Extract, Organic Sage Leaf Extract, Organic Spearmint Extract and Organic Rose Extract (all of which are grown on their farm). The detail and care for quality is phenomenal and it is apparent in the oils they have formulated.

Honeysuckle flower extract is often utilised in Chinese Medicine both internally and for skin health. It is known for its soothing effect, anti-acne properties, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful in the treatment of eczema, irritations, minor burns, allergic reactions and blemishes.

Lavender flower extract is incredibly soothing for the skin, reduces bacteria growth thereby aiding in preventing acne formation and inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, burns or allergies.

Sage Leaf extract is such a pleasant surprise in this bottle of heaven and not an extract we see often. Sage is renowned for it's anti-aging benefits, it is loaded with calcium and vitamin C which helps to fight against free radical formation. This beautiful ingredient also has antibacterial properties further enhancing the anti-acne effects as well as acting as a toner for the skin by regulating the skins natural sebum production.

Spearmint extract is used for its high antioxidant and vitamin content, boosting vitality within the skin. It also helps with reducing blackhead formation, controls oiliness via its Vitamin A content and soothes the skin through anti-inflammatory properties.

Rose (rosa damascena) extract contains amazing emollient properties for dry skin. Rose extract is incredibly moisturizing, contains high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins as well as astringent and antiseptic properties to aid in anti-acne support.

Overall I have fallen in love with this oil. It is refined in a way that allows for understated support for the skin which is palpable upon first use. It absorbs effortlessly, with little oily residue but a subtle matte finish for an oil. It leaves the skin incredibly soft and supple with a real sense of hydration for the entire day.
Due to it's efficient absorption, I also found this oil to be a perfect primer for a seamless make up base. It helps to control oily regions of the face and boosts hydration in the dry areas for those with combination or generally maturing skin.

I truly and honestly have fallen head over heals for this oil.
At the time of using it, we were in the midst of moving interstate, and when we move and circulate all the dust from the house, my skin goes crazy! EVERY. SINGLE . TIME!
I developed eczema on my eyelids, which has never happened before, dry areas, my fine lines became heinously apparent and my skin felt so much more sensitive than it ever has before.
The fact that the majority of this oil is comprised of soothing and naturally supportive, sebum controlling oils I bathed in it day and night and found that it offered a lot of relief. My skin began to feel cared for in a really simple and understated way where it was allowed to just breathe and soothe itself without a million different products targeting all the problematic areas that were presenting themselves.

I highly recommend this oil for everyday use!

CALM Facial Oil

Calm Facial oil is the beautiful little soother of the Amalie Beauty range. It is designed specifically to reduce irritation within the skin and provide skin nutrition to aid in the healing and boosting of self healing properties.

It's ingredients offer similar properties to the Rewind blend, however there is a shift in ratios and one major saviour to this oil blend which will change your skin forever - Organic Yarrow Flower Extract!

The ingredients include Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Squalane Oil, Organic Yarrow Flower Extract, Organic Lavender Extract, Organic Sage Leaf Extract, Organic Spearmint Leaf Extract, Organic Honeysuckle Flower Extract. All extracts are organically grown and harvested on their farm.

All ingredients aid in controlling the skins natural sebum production thereby aiding in hydrating dry areas, providing support and control for oiliness and returning the skin back to it's natural state. This oil also encompasses the beauty of soothing any irritations, inflammation or allergies and supporting the reduction of bacteria growth preventing acne outbreaks.

The hero in this oil is the Yarrow Flower Extract! Yarrow is a natural and powerful wound healer. It is a natural antiseptic and prevents infection whilst ceasing excessive bleeding from the skin. It holds strong anti inflammatory properties acting as the powerhouse of prevention and treatment when it comes to skin irritations!

I utilized this oil mostly at night on my problematic areas such as my eyelids, as at the time of use I had developed red and very sore eczema due to stress and the dust exposure from moving house. I applied quite a nice thick application twice before heading to bed. It definitely helped in settling the irritation and offering soothing for the discomfort.

I have tried and tested many many oils over the past few years and these two are up there with the best. The velveteen feel, amazing absorption, abundant healing properties and obvious hydration factor have left these in my must-have list of oils.

Amalie Beauty is truly beautiful in every sense.

You can purchase these oils, or any of their range as a one- off purchase or you can subscribe and save 20% off!!!

Amalie Beauty also offer...
Pink Wink Natural Lash Enhancer
Shine - Brightening Face Oil definitely on my list to try!
Persimmon Anti-Ageing Night Crème NB: does contain small dose phenoxyethanol for those wishing to avoid, otherwise a perfectly clean and beautiful option.

Enjoy these surprisingly fun oils and let me know what you think!
B xx

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