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My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey

Everyone experiences spirituality differently, some with daily practice, some with intense love and some with excruciating loss. It is a force and form of acceptance, surrender and faith. I don't believe it can be defined, but I do believe everyone needs it in their lives whether they seek it or not.
Below are my 5 tips for a greater spiritual practice and a summary of what I touch on in the YouTube video below.

1. Don't Force It

As I stated above, everyone's journey and experience is different, some are strongly defined and apparent in their lives, some are less so. Either way there is no right or wrong way to practice.
Not everyone seeks a spiritual awareness or connection, it can manifest in a way that replicates survival in the madness that is the 'real' world and for others it can simply serve as a form of relaxation, which is a practice in itself.

The importance of any type of spiritual inquisition is to not force it. It needs to be the right time and the right form of practice for you in this moment in your life. There have been may times when I have tried to experience more than my subconscious is ready for and ended up frustrated and more annoyed than when I began. I realize now that I held too much fear of what I may see of feel to enter the depth I was searching for.

My experience led to a lot of self development and self acceptance before being able to meditate in a way that felt productive and effective for me. I then needed to address the fear I was smothering myself in before I could unveil my deeper intuition and connection with the spirit life. I could not force this and I could not experience it without going through the process of understanding what may come to me during these moments of meditation. A greater understanding led me to realise that it is not something to be messed around with. You must protect yourself and guard from the negative forces that you may not wish to invite into your sacred space.

2. What is Spiritual Practice?

This can only be defined by you. Everyone wants a different depth in their connection with the universe, the planet, the other world, or themselves.
However it does all begin with the connection with yourself. It is a form of turning inwards and understanding your deepest emotions and actions. It is about acknowledging and accepting the beauty that encases you and emanates from you so you can shine in the best way possible.
In my experience it is addressing these things and then having myself to always turn to for support and faith when I feel lost or uncertain of my direction in life. It is the constant in my life that connects me to what I truly and intuitively know to be right for me.
I feel that believing in yourself and your ability to read your own desires is the ultimate form of spirituality. It doesn't need to be about ghosts and spirits and speaking to the afterlife, it can be as simple as truly understanding and having faith in who you are. YOU will never let yourself down if this is mastered, or at least practiced.

There are many different ways to practice spirituality. Meditation is a huge form and one that people often feel deterred from because they believe you need to sit cross legged and OM or chant. It can be that; but my belief is that it is anything that helps you to remove yourself from your mind, it may begin with simple tasks such as resting, napping, daydreaming, reading a book, choosing a movie that will evoke relaxation and emotion.
It can also be guided meditation, breathing, simply practicing quiet and getting out of your head to allow your intuitive self (and your guides/angels) to send you messages via a random thought, an urge to go or see something, a whisper in your ear, a sign or repetitive image or song that tells you something about yourself. It is about being aware and open in your heart and we can only do this if we shut off our ego, which is our brain/mind.

3. Feeling versus Thinking

Feeling is spirituality as it is a teacher in our lives. Thinking is our ego, which is influenced by society and outside forces, informing us of what "should' be done or felt.
There is a huge difference there and 'thinking' is not spiritual practice; it is rationalizing and making sense of a situation to ensure you are safe and feel at ease or guilt free. It is a form of justification for any occurrence in life.
Feeling is natural, uninhibited and often unexpected. It can come on at any moment and be something completely new to you each and every time. This is spirituality, it is a chance to get to know yourself in a situation and expresses your truest self without thought.
When we practice spirituality or meditate on some level, we are practicing shutting off out thought an rationalization and allowing ourselves to just be present with our environment and our current space/situation or emotional being. This is where magic happens. Lessons are learnt, emotions are released through tears, laughter, happiness, fear and ultimately it moves you closer to a point of gratitude and healing of old wounds.

4. My Experience

I explain this in the YouTube video (link below), but my experience has always been a case of me chasing meaning to my life, my relationships, my actions, the actions of others and understanding my emotional situation.
It began with simply being a chronic daydreamer as a child and teenager, to needing a lot of time alone listening to deep and emotional or romantic music to bring about an emotional outburst. I learnt that I needed frequent emotional release to aid in my survival in the physical world and process everything around me. I then progressed to reading, movies and general quiet, alone time where I would just be present and allow thoughts and emotions to come to me as needed, I also journalled a lot in this time which was a way of letting go emotionally.
Slowly I began to incorporate meditative music and just simple breathing, my awareness of life in plants and the environment around me became more apparent and when I fell pregnant with my daughter I felt a strong urge to be more quiet and present with nature and meditation.
This advanced with my second pregnancy and invited a lot of spiritual practice in the form of regression (or past life) healing, which is where I met my main guide. He still comes to me in all of my deeper meditations and supports me completely when I need it. I healed a lot of relationships and understood myself a LOT more during this time; however fear was a very strong holding force over me.
I continued to meditate after having my son and it evolved into expression via artwork or written pieces.
With my current pregnancy I have been fortunate enough to simply choose how I want to practice. I have done a lot of falling asleep to guided meditations or just simple meditative music with deeper tones for chakra balancing; however I have learnt to protect myself first to stop any negative energies from attaching themselves to me or entering our home, which is sacred.
This pregnancy the extent that I am experiencing things is much more in-depth and intense.
Earlier this year I began to see spirits and it is now progressing to sensing colours and spiritual needs around people. I could only be open to these thing by defining what I wanted and spending A LOT of time addressing the fear I had (and still have on some level) of what may appear to me. I needed to protect myself and feel confidant that I can do so at any moment, along with protecting my children.

NB:Children are very vulnerable and open to all kinds of energies so this is a must for people who are practicing openly without initial guarding of their space.

5. Fear Therapy (for those wanting a deeper spiritual or clairvoyant practice)

Fear played, and still does, a huge part in me suffocating my ability to progress spiritually. I wanted to move forward but I was completely afraid of what may come to me. Initially, after experiencing my first spirit, I didn't know how to not be afraid of seeing or feeling negative or evil energy around me and I suddenly could feel it everywhere. At work, patients would bring in heavy or dark energy, at home, my husband would drag in negativity from his work environment and my sensitivity was heightening so I became more afraid.
I blocked it completely for about a month. This was torture, it was the worst month of my life because I felt like I'd finally found myself, then I suffocated her. I didn't know how to function because I knew this would only come back to me at some point and I didn't feel ready to deal with it when it did. So my fear advanced.
I sought advice and angel card readings from some trusted and positive people and had a few patients at work who I could confide in and helped me to put into place some solid practices to protect myself, my family and our home. I worked on this for months and then slowly began to feel confidant that I could take control of who I allow in our space.
My fear of what may come and the negative that is around fed further negative energy and invited more so once I began to meditate and heal my younger fearful self (from various experiences in life) I began to feel supported again. I achieved this by eventually doing a deeper meditation and asking my guides to show me what I needed to see. I had to suppress all fear in this and let what needed to come to me come so I could shed it. It was a surreal and incredibly healing experience.
I also stopped all deep meditations and just let it remain light with relaxation music and learning to lightly meditate again along with reading and listening to music rather than entering the heavy meditative stuff.
This all helped so much and showed me I was safe in this space again.
Now I am finally in a place where I am becoming more sensitive but I am clear with my intention to only have positive in my space and every day I protect my home, myself and each member of my family.

If a deeper spiritual or clairvoyant practice is what you are searching for or gifted with, fear will be what needs to be controlled in order to allow it be a positive experience. For anyone just simply wanting to meditate, relax and find a peaceful place, still set your intention either out loud or through thought i.e I am looking for balance, positivity and clarity in my life and practice, and you will automatically protect yourself and only allow what I needed into your space.

- Don't force it
- Go with the flow, or your current calling
- Listen to your gut and get to know yourself
- Turn off your thoughts and begin to feel
- Don't be afraid, it is such a wonderful way to be present with all of the amazing things the planet and universe has to offer
- Express gratitude daily

YouTube Video : My Spiritual Journey

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