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Healing with Love

When life feels too large
And you feel absent from it's truth
The loneliness penetrates the core of my existence as I scramble for depth and meaning in this quiet moment
Why does the silence feel so vast and scary
Like dreams are fading
And motivation has slipped into the slumbers of the night
With an outreach arm and a desperate hand
I clutch for anything to fill the void that is gaping
Rather than allow the space to be open in all of its glorious presence and welcome the gifts that are trying to seep into this life
The fear of surrendering to this space and allowing a natural blossom
I can feel the clutching of my past, gripping my heart with nostalgia but driven fiercely by fear

Then you walk into the room and make breathing that little bit easier
You collect my mess of a mind into your hands and you put it aside, you wrap your arms around me, reminding me of the blessing that is our life
You remind me of gratitude
Fear creeps in as I worry about losing you and not being strong enough to combat this life alone
But you look at me and it dampens the fire that is fear
It soothes my soul
And causes overflow of love

Life can feel disconnected on so many levels, multiple times per day
But the connections we create in our life, especially that with ourselves are the precious reminders of what matters
It is not things
Nor is it our careers, political position, opinions or material objects
It is the emotions that stir within
Our internal fire and desire for love and joy are what keep us centred and allow gratitude to seep into our veins and run straight to our hearts
Eternally fueling our memories and striving for greatness

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