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Interview with Lindy Beckerman Founder of The Organic Therapist

One of Lindy's Monday Mandala's @the_organic_therapist_

Lindy Beckerman is the founder of The Organic Therapist, a stunningly unique beauty salon in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the only places I will go for my beauty treatments and that is 100% due to both Lindy's extensive knowledge of health and skincare as well as her exclusive use of organic and natural products.
Lindy is wealth of knowledge and I never feel afraid to ask her questions relating to skin downfalls, advice and tips. She is thirsty for sharing and her desire to educate goes deeper than just her clientele. She is passionate about spreading word and helping those amongst different socio-economic status and ensuring men and women of our generation are provided with simple tips and education on how to improve their health both inside and out.
This woman is beyond caring and such a gentle and gorgeous soul who I have been connecting with for about 5 years now.
If you live in Melbourne or plan to visit anytime soon, The Organic Therapist is a must! You and your skin will gain so much from the experience.


How long have you been in the beauty industry and has it always been as an organic therapist?

I have been in the beauty/wellness industry for 25 years (yikes I am showing my age). I trained in the UK and had worked globally in spas before settling in Melbourne, Australia.

I had worked with natural\organic products as far back as 20 years ago while working in Europe. When I founded The Organic Therapist 11 years ago I made a part switch to organic products and nine years ago I made a full switch to organic products. Which was hard as there was very little information and products available in Australia at that time and not majorly popular in the beauty industry and with women.

What made you make the change to only organic and natural products in your business?

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing. I come from a family where there was an emphasis on health, we were vegetarian, and used natural remedies before it became common practice (I was not majorly popular in the 70's and 80's at school in Scotland lol). So it's really been a natural progression from eating that way to using natural products in my business.

I did become a lot more aware of the dangers of chemicals around us at about 18 years due to my own skin problems and some on going health issues my hubby has.

What is your most popular treatment?

The most popular treatment would be a Holistic Skin Ritual. Each treatment is purely custom blended for you depending on your emotional and skin needs. I use a mixture of dried herbs, flowers, teas , raw food and Australian vegan organic skincare brands in skin rituals in the salon.

Favourite products right now?

A few of my favourite products just now are Lewin and Reilly, Olive and Kakadu Plum Face cleansing oil. I have a very sensitive skin and anything makes my skin itch and breakout. This divine gentle cleansing oil takes my make-up off a treat and settles and balances my skin at the same time. It also smells divine.

I have also started using Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar. I adore this facial oil, it smells divine and feels so luxurious to use and most importantly it’s a really well formulated product. I also adore the new Metta Skincare Coconut Lip Balm, which I blend with a touch of red lipstick (I use a Dusk by Adele lipstick in colour 11pm) and it gives me instant tinted lip balm.

What does your skincare routine look like?

My personal belief is skincare, much like food, should be plant based and not have hundreds of ingredients in it (and yes that does happen even in the green beauty products). I tend to treat and access my skin on a daily basis and use various products to suit my needs.

· To Cleanse I use…

Lewin and Reilly face cleansing oil or an OrganicSpa lactic facial wash or Vanessa Megan Petigrin cream cleanser.

· As a Toner I use…

Either Simple As That (it has the scent of roses).

Or I make my own facial spritz with some cooled hibiscus tea (hibiscus is packed full of vitamin C) with some Vanessa Megan N.E.O oil. It keeps in the fridge for a few days and I use this throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated.

· For a Moisturiser I use;

A mix of a few things depending on how my skin is. These are;

1- Simple As That Moisturiser.
Wonderful rich mix of oils for dry skin and is very multi-functional, I also use it as a hand balm as its fragrance free.

2- Vanessa Megan N.E.O Oil.

3- Vanessa Megan White Tea Moisturizer.

· To Exfoliate my skin deeply once a week;

I make my own natural enzyme AHA peel. Made from fresh Papaya seeds and few other secret ingredients (papaya is one of the strongest natural AHA'S and the basis of many professional peels). I apply that to my skin for 5/10 minutes.
The rest of the time I use Sodashi Enzyme Face Polish. An amazing exfoliant which leaves my skin radiant. Smells good to!

· For a Face Mask;

I make my own using dried herbal tea or a Simple as That Matcha Mask mixed with coconut yogurt if my skin is sensitive or dry. If my skin is has broken out I mix with kombucha (lots of skin friendly probiotics for skin healing)

· For a Serum I use;

A mix of OrganicSpa A.C.E serum or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench and Glow Serum.

· For a Body Exfoliant I use;

A mix of Metta Skincare body oil or Vanessa Megan body oil with ground rice and herbal tea. 

· For a body moisturizers I use;

Metta Skincare body butter.

· For fragrance I use;

Vanessa Megan Darling or Autumn Afternoon natural perfumes.

Best skincare tip?

My biggest skincare tip would be to include raw apple cider vinegar in to your diet. I know it sounds a bit strange for a skincare tip but good skin starts from within, as corny as it sounds. I try to encourage all people to look at this as step number one in your beauty regime. When you get up in the morning and last thing at night. Place 1 tablespoon of Braggs raw ACV in a cup and top with some warm water, let the water cool to a tepid temp and drink. I have been drinking ACV since childhood and I swear by it's by healing powers on the body.

The reason why is that “raw apple cider vinegar" is rich in enzymes, proteins, minerals and potassium, it has antiseptic qualities and helps with cleansing your digestive tract, and promoting a healthy belly which aids in clearer skin. It also assists and helps with supporting your immune system, promotes good digestion, the ph balance in the body and helps to remove toxins from the body and skin. Externally it can be diluted and used directly on the skin to help with break out to. Also great to travel with to prevent upset tummies.

Biggest health tip to assist with healthy skin?

That would be learning to understand and recognise the mind to skin connection. Our skin seems to have the unique ability to respond to our emotions.

With skin being our largest organ it has been found stress of any sort which could be mental, physical and emotional pressures all affect our skin due to the release of hormones. We can't just stop experiencing emotions or feeling stress but you can do a few things to help the effect on the skin. My tips are;

1- Keep up with your skincare routine, at the very minimum try to cleanse and moisturizer your skin even though you may not feel like it.

2- Get some Vitamin D and go for a walk. Vitamin D helps with the balance of female hormones including stress.

3- Add a few supportive supplements into your diet like magnesium, Zinc, omega 3 (so good for your skin) and a B complex.

4- Have a facial treatment with a professional skin therapist.

5- Get plenty of sleep. It's so important for good skin and mental health.

What is your greatest passion in health and beauty?

My greatest passion is helping to share information on healthy food and toxin free products and change the misconception that healthy food and toxin free living is costly.

I would like to make wellbeing/green beauty accessible to all sectors of our community no matter their income. Practical education/information is the key to changing people's lives and health.

What is the greatest misconception in the beauty industry?

This is a tricky one as there is so many.
The one I will address is the green beauty industry. Most people are under the impression that green beauty industry is more ethical, is a big happy community and is more committed to empowering us with information. Sadly the same pit falls lie in the green beauty industry as conventional beauty. It's still a business and people still act unethically, making claims which are not true. Many people have jumped on the organic bandwagon but don't have the knowledge to be giving advice. Just be aware who you are listing to and taking guidance from.

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