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HEAL with an open mind

Life is so transient
We so easily forget that each and every person has a story
A deeper struggle
A background that can sometimes be beyond our dreams
It is their reality and their struggle
Yet to us we are oblivious to their hardship, emotionally, physically, spiritually
Humans are so good at hiding transparency
Remaining perfect in our exterior
Yet paining internally
Never forget that there is ALWAYS a story
Big or small attached to every soul
That runs deeper than this lifetime
One that can be unexplained and indescribable
One that we can struggle to understand until our soul is stripped open and the reality pours onto the floor infront of us
Allowing us to observe, learn, accept, forgive and close again

Everyone has a reality that can sometimes be beyond our imagination
Be kind
Be empathetic
Be caring and open
Be strong for yourself
Be unafraid
Be bold
And live for now
Tomorrow is not guaranteed
Show love
And leave no words unspoken
Because life is so transient

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