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BellaNaturally Product Review

We are so lucky to have such a huge range of incredible companies who bring us collections of natural and safe skincare and cosmetics, but one that I absolutely adore is BellaNaturally - a beautiful compilation of incredible brands all held under one roof for consumer convenience and run by a genuine and lovely family.

BellaNaturally is a family owned Australian business with a keen interest in natural, organic and safe skincare and cosmetics. They are devoted to providing a central online location where consumers can purchase all their needs for their family in one place. Big tick from me!

They pride themselves on their strict brand and product selection process which involves abundant research and personal testing to ensure it meets their guidelines for the business and their consumers; all while being effective products that will always meet the needs of the beauties of the world. Having brands who comply with natural, safe and certified organic standards as well as eco-friendly benefits are vital to this company's selection.

BellaNaturally believes that providing safe products for the family and especially for you is mandatory. The chemical exposure on the planet is increasing at an alarming rate which adds stress to our bodies beyond our own realisation. If we can minimise our involvement as well as care for our external and internal systems then we are collectively making a shift in a positive direction. This is important and is reflected in the BellaNaturally brand choices with a wide range of skin and body care that truly does cater for the entire family. They honestly have got you covered!

Below are just some of the brands they stock and the list keeps growing, so be sure to check out their website;

Eco Tan


Ere Perez

Zuii Organic


Vanessa Megan


Karen Murrell

W3LL People

La Mav


Amazing and highly reputable brands. BellaNaturally also stock some smaller, up and coming brands, which I love. I truly enjoy companies that not only stock the bigger brands which we all have come to love, but also the smaller independent brands which offer such amazingly effective and beautiful products just waiting to be discovered. For me this is an important part of the Australian ethos where we support the small as well as the big, letting them shine and allowing consumers the opportunity to see and trial what is out there. Not all of the big name brands work for everyone, so to have access to small batched, handcrafted skincare and cosmetics can often be a beautiful surprise. I really admire this in BellaNaturally and their philosophy is something I will continue to support.

Please find below a review some of the incredible brands stocked at BellaNaturally, some I have used for a while and others were brand new, which is always amazing to trial and reflect upon for you all.

Eco by Sonya Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

This salt scrub is a beautiful accompaniment to any pre-tan. It is soft, amazingly exfoliant and smells like tropical heaven. Unlike some sugar scrubs it doesn't dissolve on contact with the warmth of the shower or your skin so has time to penetrate the layers of skin for a deep and effective scrub.
This scrub leaves the skin feeling hydrated and moisturised rather than stripped or raw. It soothes, comforts and truly cares for the skin with natural ingredients and gentle beads of goodness.

This has been my pre-tan scrub for over a year and I truly don't see any need for another as I find this effective in every way.

Ecotan Cacao Firming Mousse

I am usually not a huge fan of mousse tans as I naturally have dry skin and have always been left with dry and scaly, itchy skin resulting in an uneven and extremely fake looking tan. I have enjoyed using the cream Ecotan in the past so was super excited to get my hands on the Cacao Firming Mousse.

It was not even remotely drying, it applied easily, although you do need to be quick if you want to avoid it soaking into your hands quickly. It is fast absorbing, tinted so you can view where you have applied it (which I love) and provides a beautiful, gentle colour that lasts. This would work perfectly as a tan top up product or to give a gorgeous glow to any skin tone. It doesn't streak of build up easily, however I do recommend use of a glove for application and gentle exfoliating around areas such as ankles, feet and knees if applying a few coats over a few days to ensure avoidance of blotchy application in those touchy and generally rougher areas.

I really have enjoyed this product and it would definitely be rated as one of my favourite tans. It is not overbearing in colour, never orange and not at all drying. All positives in the tanning world.


Lavanila is a brand that is bold, brave and packs a punch with their scents, so if you like a beautifully evident fragrance in your products this is definitely for you, however the benefits of their products are that they are easily applied to the degree that you desire.

I have tried and tested more natural deodorants than I know what to do with. So I feel I have a good eye and feel for a good and a bad deodorant. 

The Lavanila deodorant is.....amazing! It is up with my other favourite deodorant and possibly topping the list due to all of these amazing features...

Ease of application - like silk! No other words for it, it is like applying soft silk to your skin, which I so appreciate. There are many natural deodorants out there which feel like they are ripping at the delicate skin under your arms (never pleasant) and others which are so soft they instant rub off or crease deeming ineffective and just soggy! Lavanila deodorant is soft and beautiful to apply. I do like to rub it in after application if I need to get dressed quickly, but it certainly isn't necessary.

Anti-perspirant- it is moderate to high in the anti-perspirant department. I tend to sweat easily, so on some days it will happen no matter what I have under my arms, however I did find the Lavanila deodorant to be quite effective in minimising perspiration especially when exercising, which was a huge bonus.

Body Odour factor - I tested this over a 3 week period and in that time I exercised, I walked, I ran, I did nothing, I rested, I worked (Osteopath - physical job) and with each circumstance and at the middle and end of each day I checked my odour factor and it truly was not apparent (NB: I'm not a huge emitter of body odour however I can be when exercising or working if it's a tough session). There was one day when I felt as though I may have needed a little extra help, but that was after a full day of treating 13 patients without a break! So overall I rate this highly in its anti-perspirant abilities.

Scent- Lavanila love their scents, some may love it and others may find it overpowering. I knew this and being pregnant I am hugely sensitive to scents at the moment, feeling very overwhelmed and overpowered quickly. I was quite nervous but ended up quite surprised at this deodorant. It is a beautiful vanilla fragrance which is not at all offensive and instead quite soothing and the gentle nature of the deodorant really does couple nicely with the scent.

Longevity- as stated above, I made sure I was all over this deodorant as there is truly nothing worse than applying then part way through the day realising you smell unpleasant and are fearful of lifting you arms from the elbows up! I tested this out by checking my level of odour at the end of every day and only once did I feel I could sense body odour and that was, as highlighted already, after a huge day of physical Osteopathic work. This deodorant works...end of story! It lasts all day and still smells as fresh as the moment you applied it.

Overall, I am huge fan of this deodorant on every level. For me, it is very much about the whole experience and this delivered. I truly enjoyed the feel, the application, the scent, the longevity and the effectiveness of this product! I highly recommend you try it if looking for a great, gentle and natural deodorant.

Lavanila Roll On Fragrance : Vanilla Summer

Fragrances, as most of us are aware, are polluted with chemicals and dangerous toxins. Lavanila has you covered with NO petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates or parabens! Scent-filled and gorgeously safe!

The Vanilla Summer fragrance is beautifully soft, vanilla-filled and takes me immediately to a place of warmth, sunshine and free spirits. The beauty of a scent is that it creates memories and allows you to escape to that moment each time you smell it. I absolutely love the ideals this fragrance evokes. It is fresh, vanilla saturated and truly heavenly and lasts ALL day.

The roll on bottle size is quite generous and given the need for a little to generate a stunning fragrance, it truly will last.
I adore this fragrance for its convenience, it's scent, it's effectiveness and it's beauty. It is respectful in it's ingredients and honours the power of a scent and the effect every woman wants to generate when wearing her fragrance; gentle hints of adoration coupled with a lasting capture of her audience. Something to make her feel fresh, fragrant, alive and truly reflective of her personality and mood in that moment. Lavanila delivers on all fronts.

An enjoyable and convenient non toxic fragrance option with a beautiful array of scents to choose from. Also available in Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Grapefruit and Pure Vanilla

Lavanila Spray : Vanilla Grapefruit

This was a small and very convenient spray fragrance which was so beautiful. It is uplifting, gentle, refreshing and beautifully feminine. With hints of grapefruit, lime and a creamy essence of vanilla this is truly a sun kissed blend of beauty.
I loved this scent and it genuinely captivated the room with its soft hints of femininity.

EcoCare Organic Facial Wipes: Rose and Chamomile

This gorgeous brand is one of my all time favourite facial wipes. They are gentle, hypoallergenic and stunningly subtle with their scent. They are the most effective brand I have used for make up removal, as a baby wipe or for a little under arm refresher. For a mama it is the perfect all rounder. EcoCare only use 100% certified organic cotton, saving us from the toxic load that non-organic cotton can carry due to pesticides and chemical sprays. These beautiful wipes are free from sulphites (SLS and SLES), alcohol, parabens, chlorine, bleach and artificial fragrances.

They are recommended for dry skin, such as mine, and unlike most they support your skin with ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, rose flower extract and oil and of course chamomile flower oil. They are soothing, softening and nourishing to the skin without that tight and desperate desire to moisturise immediately after. A definite in our family and a high recommendation for those who like the ease and practicality of removing markup or cleansing with a wipe.

ECO. Modern Essentials: Pigmentation Serum

This beautifully crafted certified organic (ACO) serum is such a joy to apply. It encompasses a natural feel which absorbs efficiently and feels as though you are literally replenishing the skin with its own natural oils. I adore this serum and will definitely be repurchasing. It is lightweight, pure and healing containing scents of lemon, bergamot, sandalwood and rosemary all cuddled into the main ingredient being jojoba, the most similar oil to our skins natural oil production hence the beauty in this bottle of goodness. The quality is undeniable and it's effect on pigmentation, although still a work in progress, was visible. I saw most benefit, when applied morning and night, affecting the dark circles around my eyes. There was a definite lightening of the area.

Please note that this area of darkness is a reflection of internal health and not something that can be topically removed with a lotion or cream, however I did notice some brightening of the area. I also noted a more radiant complexion and lightening effect of some of the pigmentation on my face, although few and subtle to begin with, it definitely generated change for me.

A beautiful product with a lot to offer.

Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Karen Murrell is such a well rounded company with true commitment to sustainable, eco-aware and friendly use of recyclable packaging from renewable sources and encompassing the beautiful, effective and safe lip products we have all come to love and nurture. Karen Murrell lipsticks contain no mineral oils, animal based materials, triclosan, tar coal, BBP's, carmine, parabens or preservatives deeming them safe for consumption and repetitive use.

The Karen Murrell lipsticks are one of my favourite brands with impeccable pigmentation, moisturising effects and nourishing ingredients that come with zero nasties and fear of what we may be exposing ourselves to. Her array of colours are incredibly expansive catering for all skin types and colour palettes.

Two of my recent favourites are the True Love and Lavender Laughter.

- True Love is a rich and decadent blue-based red that is not like any lipstick I have seen before. It is saucy, feminine and offers a beautiful rosy hint with the effect of a sexy red lip. This is a colour that would suit and appeal most women and skin tones adding a surge of sexy and boost in confidence.

- Lavender Laughter is a gorgeously fun and flirtatious lilac which offers a slight difference to the standard nude. It is for those who are looking for a hint of colour but don't wish to brave the bold hues. It is summery, fresh and offers an instant lift in spirits. A perfect accompaniment to a soft floral look or a hint of colour for a more sophisticated monochrome outfit.

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