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LOVE LETTER from husband to wife

My letter to you…

Possible high maintenance
Funny, adorable, affectionate, extremely likable

Who would have thought?

Casual conversations
Understanding heart and attentive listening
Getting nervous, excited, the mind wonders, the possibilities

Who would have thought?

We hang out
On a monthly lease if I remember correctly
It was easy because I adored your generous heart

Who would have thought?

You made me laugh and weeks flowed into months and months into years
We had a connection that was unique, different
Nobody laughs at our jokes except us

Who would have thought?

It wasn’t always easy
And the fight was and still is worth it, you are worth it
Growth and change with a deeper understanding, a deeper connection

Who would have thought?

The love grows every day
It can bring me tears in seconds if I let it take over me
You’re an amazing person with much to give to your family and the universe

Who would have thought?

Two angels and a third on the way
How lucky they are to have a mum like you
What a melting pot of personalities, love, tantrums and hugs

Who would have thought?

I still can’t believe it sometimes
How could I be so lucky?
I married the most stunningly beautiful soul

Who would have though?

You show relentless faith in me when I have none
I am a better person for having met you

My love for you, is forever

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