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Clean Deodorants that work

Clean, non toxic deodorants that actually work can be a task at times and I have tried many that have worked and many that have not!

So I thought I would put a select few to the test over a 6-8week period where I chopped and changed, giving them lots of sweaty challenges.

These are my top performing stink masters!

1. Clean Living Collection (Jasmine Lavender).
This is my number 1 top performer, it is a firmer deodorant to apply so requires a few swipes, but it kicks ass all day long through work, training, motherhood, everything!!!! It has a long lasting formulation and the actual size of the deodorant is very generous meaning less purchasing and more using. It is perfectly scented with hints of jasmine and lavender, yet not  at all overpowering. I truly enjoy this deodorant and find it is the one I continuously reach for especially on work and exercise days. I highly recommend this brand and deodorant.
You can purchase this deodorant and many more amazing products here.

2. LoneBody (Mint). 
This deodorant is a very soft and smooth, almost creamy formulation which works wonders! I love the mint smell and it definitely holds up throughout a full day and through most training sessions. Due to its creamier formulation it does require settling into the skin before putting clothes but it was zero hassle. I find the ease of application beautiful and definitely gentle on the skin, which is important due to the sensitive nature of such areas.
Lone Body deliver deodorants in Citrus, Mint and Unscented. All of which are divinely caring for the skin.
I love this deodorant and you can purchased directly through their website here.

3. Schmidtdeo (Bergamot Lime and Ylang Ylang Calendula).
This is also up there on my first to reach deodorants when I have days that are a little more hectic. The consistency and ease of application is somewhere between the first 2 deodorants. It's soft but not super creamy, so easy to apply but doesn't require the time to soak in to avoid marking clothing. It works incredibly well and I definitely choose this one often. It comes in a stick formation of a travel size tub as you see in the image. A definite favourite for me!
This can be purchased through the gorgeous Jan at The-V-Spot, I Am Natural Store, Bella Naturally

3. Neitra Body Botanicals. 
This deodorant is a paste and so gentle on the skin. It's almost like a firm body butter and smells amazing with hints of geranium, lavender and calendula!
This deodorant works really well, however after a hard training session I do find I need a little refreshing, which is expected so I'm not deterred by this at all. The love in this brand, with no exception when it comes to their deodorant, is evident. It is soft, beautifully crafted and such a well thought through deodorant. It is buttery, easy to apply, not overwhelming with scent and work wells. I love this for a more feminine feel.
Available for purchase here.

4. Ericabrooke Skincare (Neroli & Vanilla).
This comes in a gorgeous glass jar and is more like a glossy firm lip balm. It smells heavenly and works so well for a standard day of mothering! It probably held up the least during a tough training session but again, I don't expect many deodorants to withstand a heavy sweat session. This is a beautiful, feminine and gentle formulation which I would definitely repurchase and does work well in a standard days work.
Available for purchase at Beautiful Because, Erica Brooke Skincare

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