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Love Letters

My Darling,

There are so many things to be grateful for, but none greater than you.

You cascaded into my life so smoothly yet with more impression than I knew what to do with.

You were untouchable to me, and I to you; yet somehow we knew. Something was growing, something everlasting.

You blessed me with love and lust. You taught me to grow. You showed me how to ease my ego and boost my soul.

You are so dignified and sweet. You have more faith in yourself than anyone I've known, yes there are imperfections but you are constantly looking to grow, resolve and improve.

You have taught me the importance of love. Unconditional, utterly accepting, endlessly open love.

You absolved me of my jealousy, you taught me how to trust. You wrapped me up in a bundle of forgiveness and never let me go.

You expect nothing, but give so much. We meet and fit so perfectly. Nothing is left unsaid even when the silence descends we are speaking through our gods.

We know each other, better than any other. We trust eachother more than another soul. We respect eachother beyond any words could explore. We love to the ends of the earth.

Lost I would be without you; but safe in the memories we have made. Two children and many setbacks to show.

Life is grand despite our lack of "things". But our hearts are filled with joyous events, making memories of the finest things.

Times of touch, play and talk

We bind together and love forever.

I love you is not enough because you run through my veins and into my deepest hollows where my secrets lie and only you know

To my love and my life

My saviour and soul mate

To my confidant and lover

You are you

And you let me be me



Love B xx

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