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Home and the Heart

You are my safe place
You are my haven
There are no expectations with you
There are no schedules
You just happen
Without invitation or routine
You are my first love
And my reliable soul
You offer unpredictability & safety all at the same time
And you are different everyday
You surprise me
And you accept me exactly as I am
You are reliable & unexpected
You offer me a peace that cannot be described
And although I'm sad to leave you, I know that my home will always be here
Sun rising in the morning
Moon lighting up our darkness
Ocean rolling endlessly
And wind whispering openly
I am forever grateful for the events that take place daily without agenda in order for us to exist
It's too often that we don't acknowledge the wonders that keep us alive, offering us air to breathe, food to survive, sunshine to nourish
These are the important things in life
~ Brigid Sandell

I wrote this over a year ago just before we moved away from a place I likened to my heart and my home. I felt like my true creative being was about to be born and it was driven by the ocean, the earth, Mother Nature. Every time I went for a run alongside the sea these creative juices would flow and I would end up with some form of revelation, something to document, draw or write about. Shortly after this piece was written we moved to a closed in estate where there was no culture, no community and I felt I could barely see the sky. I felt crushed and it took me a long time before I was able to accept and explore what felt like a modified version of my former self. The big cities are not what my soul desires. To realize that has brought me such peace.

As a couple and as a family we were forced to rely on each other so much more in an environment that we were unfamiliar with. We had to stand on our own two feet and make the big decisions together. This development and comradery was an amazing adventure for us and I was almost fearful of returning to the place this piece was written about in fear that we will settle back into old way. But upon arrival and that first sense of peace I knew in my heart and my soul that this was home. My ability to think, explore my creativity again was almost instantaneous. It felt right and I feel home again.

Too often we ignore the signs of life force in our souls and in our bodies to ensure we are doing what we 'think' is right (according to society), when in reality it deadens us, ages us, sickens us.






B xx

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