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My Essentials in Make Up: A basic look and a more glamorous look

My Basic Make up look....excuse the bath mat in the background hahah

I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to my make-up, however I do like to look polished and I like to feel good about myself if applying make up.
NB: Feeling good about yourself is very much something that is achieved with or without make up, but when it comes to feeling amazing for the day I like to apply a little face paint J

there are a lot of ‘love, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning’ throughout this blog, so be ready for some loving of products because these are my favourite products in make up.

Here I will cover my 2 most common looks. My basic everyday essential look and my more made up look with fuller coverage and a stronger eye.

My Basic Look...

I have trialled a lot of different make up and varying levels of coverage, however I find I always come back to these ingredients for my face. They are all clean, non toxic and fabulous!

First is my base…

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer & Brightener

This is the king of all primers (that I have tried so far). I absolutely love the silkiness and the glow that it gives you. On occasion I have used this as a moisturizer and I absolutely love it as a primer. It creates a gorgeous dewy look and make up clings to it like flies to a lolly pop!

Elate Full Tint Foundation (Beige)

Elate Cosmetics is by far the best line of cosmetics I have tried. They are soft, creamy, light, non-toxic and highly pigmented. I truly love them. This foundation is my favourite thus far. It is a great foundation for its ability to build in coverage and often I do a light coverage for my basic not-going-anywhere-special days and build it for the days I go to work or need to cover any blemishes. I would definitely recommend getting a sample of a few different shades and testing to see if it suits your skin type. I tend to have combination skin with dry areas around my cheeks and a shinier upper T-zone. I don’t find this to enhance either of my skin defects and it blends and covers beautifully.

Elate Crème Revealer Concealer (Fawn)

I have an ongoing battle with concealers and their ability to cover without creasing. This is the BEST for coverage, however if used without a primer or blended with a creamier formulation such as the RMS un-cover up, it will crack and appear crumbly under the eye. I had a few teething problems with this one due to my dry skin around my eyes, but as soon as I realised that LESS is MORE and to blend it with a creamier product such as your foundation, moisturizer, another concealer (that may not offer the coverage you want), then it is perfection. I really love this concealer.

Ecobrow (Marilyn)

I have nothing bad to say about this product. It is waxy, it offers great pigmentation and it looks natural. I have very thin and almost non-existent eyebrows due to over plucking as a teen and hormonal changes during pregnancies. When I get stressed my eyebrows fall out so lack of sleep with littlies is a killer for my eyes in general. When I’m rested they tend to grow back a little, however they still absolutely 100% need to be filled/drawn on. So Ecobrow has been a saviour for me. It truly looks much more natural than any pencil or wax I’ve used before. I use the shade Marilyn, however I think the next shade darker would suit better.

RMS Beauty Translucent Setting Powder

I really like this setting powder. Initially I was using the Tinted Un-cover up setting powder and found it changed my entire face colouring, I was using the shade for medium skin tone but it was caking and it made me look quite pale and powdery. I also found by the end of the day I was still a little shiny. I find the translucent setting powder to be a more silky formulation and less powder-like. It does still get a small amount of shine coming through by the end of the day, however I feel it is less than with the Tinted version. This powder is much lighter and works very well to set your make up without enhancing fine lines and aging you.

Lily Lolo Bronzer (Miami Beach)

This bronzer has a hint of shimmer to it in the pressed form but doesn’t translate onto the skin. I tend to alternate between the Ere Perez bronzer and this one. It is quite pigmented and never has a hard pan which means it applies beautifully and with minimal application. I love a bronzed look so this is a definite in my make-up bag.

100% pure mascara and Lily Lolo Mascara

Yes, I use two mascaras. I’m a big, bold lash fanatic. If you’re going to have lashes then girl HAVE LASHES! I love the 100% pure for its deep and dark colour and its ability to separate lashes like I’ve never seen! It is never clumpy or over-applied and offers a beautiful, natural look. I then apply the Lily Lolo mascara because it adds sooo much length and volume. It is quite a wet mascara and on occasion can lay on big clumps but this is easily avoidable. It is my favourite mascara thus far and I don’t ever plan on breaking up with Lily!

Faerie Organics Fresh Pink Blush

Faerie Organics is my new best friend. It is the hidden gem of the green beauty world. They produce skincare and beauty products designed specifically for sensitive skin and my word, they do it well. I have quite a few different products of theirs and I cannot speak highly enough of them. They are stunning. The pigmentation of their products is insane; I actually don’t know how they get it so bright and bold. This blush almost has a red hue to it (as seen in the image) which terrified me to begin with but it applies so perfectly. It is subtle but buildable and I love the definition and glow that it creates. I use this blush for both my basic everyday and more perfected look. I love it!

My Fuller Coverage Look…

I won’t lie, I love a full make up look for those occasions that call for it. I love a glamorously contoured eye and sculpted cheeks over flawless skin. And although it’s not often that I get to wear this sort of make up nor have I perfected the look, I do however love to apply this look when I feel like getting my glam on.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer and Brightener

See My Basic look notes above for this review.

Jane Iredale Glowtime BB cream and Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation (medium)

I love both of these products, but only when blended together. The Ere Perez foundation has amazing colouring and matches my skin really well however it is quite a dry consistency and can end up looking patchy and cling to dry areas if the skin is not prepped properly first and the foundation mixed with a moisturizer or cream base. I do however adore the medium coverage that it gives and I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying it because it truly gives the finish I love. The Jane Iredale Glowtime BB cream is another beautiful product but not one I would wear alone. It is a very thick consistency and requires a bit of blending to avoid enhancing the pores. It also leaves my skin quite shiny so when these two are mixed together (normal amount of Ere Perez and half a pea size of the Jane Iredale BB cream) then I have full coverage and a perfect colour match. I adore this blend and use it for work, going out and anytime I want a little more coverage.

Elate Crème Revealer Concealer (Fawn)

See my review in the My Basics section above

RMS Beauty Translucent Setting Powder

See my review in the My Basics section above

Ecobrow (Marilyn)

See my review in the My Basics section above

Jane Iredale Gel Eyeliner

This gel eyeliner is any girls best friend. It applies like a pencil but has the effect of a liquid liner. I have always worn liquid liner but when I converted to non toxic beauty I was drawn to this product. It is smooth as silk, glides on the eye perfectly and allows for a beautiful winged eye without the harshness of a liquid liner. It also smudges really well if you want a softer look. It does fade a little as the day progresses but it doesn’t smudge or smear. A really great product and the smallest amount goes a long way, so well worth the purchase.

100% pure mascara and Lily Lolo mascara

See My Basics section above for my review on these two products

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette

This is a stunning palette with quite range of colours to allow for a more neutral look, which I tend to favour, and can easily be altered to a night time more glamorous look. It does, however have a shimmer to it, which I was not used to as I prefer a matte finish with eyeshadows. In saying that this is a must have and doesn’t create a strobing effect on the eyes making it safe for day wear. Definitely recommend for any look.

Kjaer Weis Cream Bronzer (Dazzling)

I initially loved this product, but keep changing my mind about it. I do love it for contouring, however I don’t like it as a general bronzer. I find it wears on my skin and ends up feeling like I look a little patchy (that may be my application however). The consistency and applicability of this product is beyond smooth and creamy and soooo easy, even for the beginner. I do really love this for contouring around the cheeks and jawline, but do use an all over powder bronzer around my face and to blend into my neck and décolletage.

Lily Lolo Bronzer (Miami Beach)

See my review of this in the above My Basics section…hint: I love it!

Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint (Very Sweet)

I really enjoy using this product. It was one of my first big splurge items and a well spent purchase. I have this in the shade Very Sweet which is quite pink but can be applied for a very subtle hint of colour or built for a bolder effect. It’s a gorgeously creamy and an effective cream blush and lip tint.

Kjaer Weis Highlighter (Radiance) or Faerie Radiant Glow powdered highlighter

I love both of these! The Kjaer Weis highlighter is gorgeous and only a tiny amount is required to give the hint of glimmer that you need. It does, however have a glittering effect if over applied. The Faerie powdered highlight is such a silky and soft powder. I adore this and will definitely repurchase this one. Again a little goes a long way and because it is powder it easily doubles as a shimmer highlight for your eyeshadow. It also doesn’t cake in smile lines which was a major concern for me when I received this. Love it, wouldn’t be without it!

So there are my two favourite and classic looks. I hope this explains in the detail you want and if you have any questions please email me at or via Instagram

Much love and happy make up shopping and playing

B xx

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